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weddelite stone

Frequently asked questions:

1, How long does it takes the analysis of a sample submitted to the BUC?

2, How can I get the result?

3, How do they analyse the samples?

4, How small quantity of a sample is enough for a complete analysis?


1, The examination will be completed whitin one week after the acceptance of the shipment to the BUC.


2, The result of an examination will be sent back to the customer either by e-mail or facsimile or by mail. The electronic data transmission is preferred.


3, In the BUC, after the macroscopic examination we use the method named Harzalith, an ultramichro-chemical (UMC) procedure. This protocoll was developed for human stone analysis. The adaptation of the process to veterinary practice was made by B. Bende DVM and M. Berényi Dr. Sc. Med. the inventor of the original method. For controll examinations and in cases when the UMC is not enough accurate, infrared spectroscopy is performed for the analysis.


4, One of the advantages of the UMC method is the relative small sample requisite. A few microgramms of sample is enough for a complete analysis.


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